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Everyone welcome at Boston Judo Club for over 50 years

We teach judo to all ages in the Boston, Lincolnshire area

If you live or travel to the area and are looking to take/re-take up judo, improve your fitness, or just have some fun, then the club provides a friendly atmosphere to cater for all needs and ages. Judo is unlike many other sports clubs. People take up judo at all ages and are able to practice the sport from age 8-80+. It is a popular sport for adults and older children to take up for the first time having tried other activities and looking to try something different. 

We are a British Judo Association (BJA) registered club. Our coaches are qualified UKCC British Judo Association coaches supported by a club committee, including a welfare and safeguarding officer, treasurer, and club chair.  The club is run by unpaid volunteers on a non-profit basis. There will always be a minimum of two coaches on the mat at any one time, and typically three or four club members supporting the session. All of our coaches are DBS checked for safeguarding purposes. 

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Training details

Every Thursday:

  • Juniors (<14 yrs) 18:30-20:00, £3.00 per session
  • Mixed Adults and Juniors (14+) 20:00-21:15, £4.00 per session

Located at the Boston Conservative Club, 16a Main Ridge West, Boston, PE21 6QQ. All judo affiliations are welcome. There are no annual or monthly membership fees. 

Older Juniors joining the adult class will be paired with other Older Juniors or Senior Adult Grades wherever possible. We are very strict on players looking after younger members or lower grades.  

New members

T: 07909 532320 (Keith - Coach) 

T: 07974 434263 (Mark - Coach)

E: [email protected]

Your first session is free. You don't need a judo kit to start. We can loan you one free of charge for your first six weeks. 

It is preferable to wear tracksuit bottoms (no zips) and a t-shirt. 

Club support

The club over many years has received sponsorship to buy suits, belts and trousers in a full range of sizes to loan to new players for free.

When you are ready to buy a suit, the club can help you find the right size. You can purchase your suit from the club or buy one online. 

The club does not have any special rules on suits or jackets. BJJ suits or jackets are also fine. 

Judo licence

The UK requires all judo players to hold a licence which acts as your insurance in the event you are injured or you injure someone else. 

You do not need a licence to take part in your first four sessions.

You can get a licence online via the below links to the British Judo Association website

Licence packages
Apply/renew licence

A guide to judo grading

The most important thing when practising Judo is to focus on developing yourself, psychologically and physically both on and off the mat. It takes time, practice, and patience to become a good judoka. Your focus should always be on improving your judo and you should not get drawn into comparing yourself with others. There is no guarantee a higher grade player is better than a lower grade, but it is indicative of the time they have invested in developing their Judo. Players throughout their career have periods of intense training and periods off the mat. All judoka learn that even a short break away from the mat will impact the timing of your techniques, which is everything in Judo.

Grading is not automatic based on the passage of time or winning in competition. You must show a good understanding of the techniques in theory and practice and demonstrate the behaviour expected of the grade to be awarded. Most juniors will move 1-2 Mon per year. Most adults will move 1 Kyu per year. Green to Brown Belts will typically spend 1-2 years at each grade. Achieving your 1st Dan black belt may take between 3-6 years depending on you and the number of competitions, events, and weekly sessions you attend. 

Find out more about judo grading

Judo events calendar

Find and sign-up to local judo competitions and events 

Grading videos

Videos of the judo techniques to help you prepare for your grading

Find judo clubs

Find and visit other judo clubs

Club Pillars

We combine our policies into our club pillars. We commit to: 

  1. Provide high-quality fun, stimulating, and educational sessions for our players which are player-led.
  2. Respect and value diversity and provide inclusive coaching which puts the player first. 
  3. Facilitate a safe and supportive environment for our players to learn. 
  4. Engage and support our community. 
  5. Ensure our coaches are qualified, DBS checked, are in good standing with British Judo, and maintain their continuing professional development
  6. Investigate complaints or safeguarding/welfare reports with respect, integrity, and fair process to all involved.
  7. Meet our legal obligations, including health and safety, data security and privacy, and player wellbeing. 
  8. Maintain sound financial and ethical practices in the administration of the club resources.

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